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About World Guests Abroad

With a curated portfolio of beautiful and fully equipped villa and apartment rentals, we seek to bring charm and authenticity to our guests’ travel experiences. Our properties are handpicked to meet our high standards of quality and we pride ourselves on our friendly, personal, and responsive approach to client service. And thanks to our Trusted Luxury Partners, we can also offer customized options to create exceptional, one-of-a-kind vacation experiences.

Our Team

Philippe Piéri


A California resident, Philippe traces his roots back to the island of Corsica, the shores of North Africa, the Champagne area in France, and Paris where he lived before moving to the Silicon Valley to join the tech innovation wave. A veteran marketing executive, he co-founded in 1998 the startups Paris For Rent and Paris Luxury Rentals which eventually became World Guests Abroad. He oversees all aspects of business development, digital marketing, and technology. In his spare time, Philippe loves to travel with his family to new parts of the world in search of travel experiences and adventures to live and share.

Pat Combrisson


Born in Paris to French parents, avid for art, science and world culture, Pat spent her childhood and teenage years in Paris exposed to art collections, antique shows, music venues, and a very diversified food scene. She moved to the US as a young adult, got a BA in international relations, traveled the world then settled in San Francisco where she started a family and opened a French bistro. A passionate sailor and lover of the sea, she moved to Hawaii where she has been raising her boys for the past 11 years. Pat travels to Paris several times a year and remains deeply attached to her European roots.

Patrick Rech


Born and raised in Paris, Patrick moved to San Francisco after college. He came at the right time to witness the internet revolution, and joined Patricia and Philippe in the marketing team of a small online vacation rental agency. After making it a success story, they started their own company, World Guests Abroad, with three online portfolios, Paris for Rent, Haven In, and Paris Luxury Rentals. Patrick is passionate about urbanism, sustainability, travel, food and wine. His favorite type of vacations: A villa in Provence or Italy with friends with a great kitchen, a table outside for dinner parties, and a pool for the kids.

Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay.

HH Dalaï Lama

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