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We Wish You Safe & Healthy Travels

Safe & healthy hosting in times of COVID

During these recent unsettling times of global health emergency, we reviewed and updated our protocols to handle hospitality, greetings, cleaning, concierge services, support, and reservations with in mind your wellbeing and that of our employees, staff, and business partners. 

We have made accommodations in bookings to allow for a greather flexibility in changing dates at no cost or getting refunds.

Meanwhile, we have enhanced our high standards of cleanliness throughout our portfolio by adding new, updated sanitary requirements for our cleaning partners to fight the spread of the virus. Additionally, we provided all our guests with a supply of hand sanitizer, surgical masks, and disinfecting wipes during their stay. We have also implemented options for contact-free, self check-in procedures with our Paris support team available remotely 24/7.

While these safety measures are no longer required, we will keep our hightened standards of hygiene unchanged and will will keep following overall guidance from global health ortganizations

Because we care deeply about your health and well-being, new improved universal greeting, cleaning, and support practices are offered by our crews when preparing your apartment to keep your stay safe, healthy, and enjoyable.


  • Our trained professional cleaners use protective equipment and approved disinfectants & methods when cleaning your apartment
  • Cleaning products are also biodegradable for a safe environment
  • Sheets and linens are cleaned by a professional linen service and are stored in the apartment under plastic wrap
  • Our teams will follow social distancing rules required by our guests and local authorities, and provide friendly 24/7 support remotely


  • Check-ins & checkouts can be performed remotely with digital guidebooks, drop boxes, text messaging or WhatsApp, and video chat
  • Some apartments are equipped with phone and video-conferencing devices to enable one-touch remote support


  • We observe a period of 24 hours between each checkout and the following arrival
  • Cleaning products, disinfection guidelines and methods follow rigorous safety standards from international health organizations (WHO, CDC, local authorities)
  • All surfaces and high-frequency household objects have been thoroughly disinfected


  • On demand, guests will be provided with a supply of hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, surgical gloves and masks
  • Digital guidebooks are available to help you manage the logistics of your new home away from home and organize your stay and activities
  • One-touch video communication devices are available to request deliveries, car rides, reservations, and general support
  • Contact-free delivery service is available for a fee
  • Chauffeur service is available for a fee
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